Consulting for Therapists in Private Practice

Psychotherapy is a fulfilling and meaningful career. It demands attention and concentration from both a clinical and a business perspective. Often in the midst of focusing on the clinical areas of our work, the business perspective is all too often neglected.  As a result, income suffers and bills rise.

Technology moves quickly, leaving us confused and wondering what to do.  Governmental and insurance company policies change regularly, making our heads spin.  At the end of the day, after helping others, we find ourselves needing support as well. The business side of psychotherapy can be extraordinarily challenging!

Cornerstone Consulting seeks to assist Mental Health and Addiction Professionals in Individual Private Practice and Group Practices find practical and economical solutions to the challenges of their business.  Marian Faller, LICSW is able to provide information, resources, practice evaluations, and more that can move your business forward, allowing you to focus on the clinical work of helping others.


Services Available


Starting a New Individual Private Practice

Often new professionals make initial decisions that have long-term unforeseen consequences.  Rather than guessing how to start a private practice, Marian can provide a step-by-step guide to getting started the right way, and the best order of what to do first and next.  At a time when HIPAA compliance is essential, it is important to start off in the best way possible.

Improving an Established Psychotherapy Practice

Whether you need brief or comprehensive support, Marian can work together with you to evaluate your practice's strengths and challenges, provide suggestions for improvements, increase comfort levels with your preferred technology, and more.

Group Private Practices

 Group practices can be exciting and frustrating at the same time.  Marian is able to help evaluate your practice, find cost savings, improve communication, and more.  Options can include interviewing office and clinical staff, confirming practice goals, staff meeting discussions, and more.

Continuing Education and Trainings

Marian Faller, LICSW is able to present customized trainings and continuing education programs related to improving business practices, increasing confidence in the use of technology, and exploring options for Electronic Health Records, Telementalhealth, Medical Billing, and more.

Business Peer Consultation Group

Although Peer Consultation Groups are usually focused on clinical work, Marian offers an opportunity to work with other professionals to improve the business side of psychotherapy practices.  Collaboration with colleagues can offer opportunities to gain insights into being more financially successful while being HIPAA compliant. 

Downloadable Forms for Psychotherapists

Provider Billing Information for COVID-19 (pdf)


Sample Informed Consent for Telepsychology (docx)


BCBS CT Telehealth Contract (pdf)


Progress Note Telehealth SOAP (pdf)


Progress Note Telehealth Other (pdf)